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February 2013
B737 FTD shell arriving from Q4 Services.
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September 2010
Q4 Services wins recognition as MT2 Top Simulation & Training Company.
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Navy SBIR Phase II for Collimated Mirror and Back Projection Screen technology research is fully funded for 2010 and beyond!
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Jim Williams

This site is dedicated to the design and building of a B737 NG Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) in my home.

Located in Orlando, FL, at the heart of the simulation industry for the military, I am embarking upon an exciting project that will take years for completion.


Utilizing as a base simulator, a B737-200 FTD I obtained from Q4 Services (a previous employer).  This project officially started in February 2013 with the clearing out of the garage to make room for this elaborate hobby.  Much of the design work will be original but I will also make judicious use of my predecessors efforts and the excellent work other enthusiast have done.  Links to thier work will be published wherever possible.


Much of the focus of this web site will be the underlying architecture of the hardware and software used to build the device.  It is not my intent to write code, but to utilize as much commercial off the shelf (COTS) software and hardware as possible.  There will extensive sections on the how and why of which software applications where chosen and the integration of them into the device.


My History


As a boy, I was thrilled with flight at all levels.  I recall sitting in front of the fan at the age of 10 holding my airplane models and letting the propeller spin.  Dreaming that I was a pilot, ready to join the military and prove my bravery.  At the age of 16, my mother realized I wasn't college bound, and agreed to help support my obtaining a pilots license.  My lessons were provide by Columbus Flying Service located in Columbus, Ohio at Port Columbus Airfield near the old terminal building.  Ann Esselburne was my instructor; a tall attractive blond who I believe tried out for the astronaut program.  The year was 1966 and life was good.


Flying came easy and it wasn't long before I was flying with friends and family. My career was chosen at quite a young age, the Navy was the place for me.  Following in the foot steps of my father, I transfered from the Navy's youth program straight to active duty.  Following a few years of active duty and transfer to the Reserves, I used my GI Bill to fund further flight training.  Completing my Commercial, Instument and Multi-Engine licenses, I dreamed of further careers in aviation.  Much later in life, at the age of 40, I attended Georgia Institute of Technnology on a full scholarship and grant from NASA.  There while working towards my Masters in Systems Engineering, I designed the first Synthetic Vision display systems for commercial jet aircraft with support of Delta Airlines in Atlanta.  They provided me with B757/767 flight training. My career has evolved and now I work with AVT Simulation in Orlando where we design and build flight training device, primarily for the military.